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In 2001, SOL Engineering Services, LLC (SOL) was established as a regional technical engineering consulting firm with headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi. Our mission to become the premier provider of engineering, construction and project management, quality assurance, facilities support, and information technology services in North America drives our company to attain the utmost level of quality and success with each project. We currently provide services to clients throughout the southeastern United States. We strive to provide high quality, responsive engineering and project management services while maintaining professional commitments and ensuring full satisfaction for each of our clients. SOL encompasses various management, quality, and engineering principles through our hands-on project implementation approach in order to ensure effective management of all projects from commencement to completion. Our goal is to ensure the ultimate success of our clients’ projects.


We work with our clients to identify the elements of our project delivery system that can be integrated with existing processes in a manner that strengthens and accelerates project implementation. SOL’s project delivery system consistently produces high quality and cost-effective results. Our project delivery system features a series of thoroughly researched work processes that address each area of project control and delivery, thus ensuring consistent project planning and execution. At the project outset, we review these work processes with our clients to define how we could best meet specific project delivery requirements. To this end, we successfully accomplish our clients’ objectives.


Our resolve at SOL Engineering Services, LLC is for each member of our team to lead by example. This leadership culture supports our team’s vision of being our client’s trusted advisor. A trusted advisor is a partner in providing solutions, and SOL seeks to achieve this goal with each of our clients. We strive to maintain an elevated understanding of the social, political, and economic issues that frame the needs of every client. Our solid foundation in the historical knowledge of the field allows for us to hone in on this understanding. Knowledge of our firm’s progression combined with the familiarity of the factors that influence what SOL can achieve builds the level of trust between our firm and our clients. Comprehensive problem solutions and project successes are impossible without a clear appreciation and understanding for the client’s perspective and needs. SOL Engineering Services, LLC, and our team members are committed to proactively fostering a partnering atmosphere with our customers, throughout all project phases.