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Staffing Augmentation


SOL is committed to providing it's clients with the finest staff augmentation services. We have a pool of specialized professionals that can augment staff based on the individual needs of the client. To quickly respond, SOL utilizes our professional recruiters to screen and hire new applicants in our database.


We provide a wide range of staff augmentation services including:


  • Acting City Engineer/Public Works
  • Supplementing Engineering Staff
  • Providing Public Work Inspectors
  • Providing Technicians
  • Work Planners
  • Administrative Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • QA/QC Professionals
  • Project Control Professionals & Support Staff


Clients receive our full attention, resources, knowledge and commitment working diligently for the local agency, its residents and businesses. The concept of “PROVIDING IMMEDIATE RESPONSE AND THE HIGHEST VALUE TO OUR CLIENTS” is practiced in every task. Our professional staff is committed to reliable performance, positive attitudes and a mission that is essential for successful outcomes.