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Emergency Management Services Division


Unforeseen emergencies can bring about devastating outcomes for individuals, businesses, and the community as a whole. SOL’s Emergency Management Services Division employs experienced emergency response personnel to manage and respond to incidents quickly and effectively at less than the typical cost of maintaining in-house emergency response personnel.


SOL’s Emergency Management Services Division develops and implements programs designed to provide our clients and other key stakeholders with the ability to prepare for, cope with, and recover from the effects of natural disasters like hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes and other related emergencies. This is achieved through information and resource exchange and working with the public and private sectors as well as all levels of government through the use of modern technology. SOL’s Emergency Management Services Division is prepared to respond to incidents in an efficient manner. We help you mitigate damages and restore services rapidly, while providing you direction in navigating through the disaster assistance process.


Ultimately, we effectively coordinate available resources to combat emergencies, thereby saving individual lives, avoiding injury, and minimizing economic and business loss. SOL conducts site assessments, damage assessments, needs assessments, and provides engineering, cost estimating, and logistical support for affected individuals, residential and commercial facilities and associated infrastructure. Our quality services contribute to the rapid return of full operations and to the assistance of natural disaster victims throughout the continental United States after a Federal Disaster Declaration.