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Construction Quality Assurance


SOL Engineering Services, LLC (SOL) is an accredited engineering firm capable of meeting complex project requirements that offers an assurance program that provides professional Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) testing for the overall total quality of a project. SOL works closely with owners, developers, engineers and project contractors to provide these services. SOL's dedicated staff of engineers, technicians and other qualified personnel have the needed experience in construction quality control and testing. Furthermore, they are certified through the completion of applicable training programs. Whether it is a wastewater, roadway, utility work or an airport improvement project, SOL has the expertise to effectively establish a quality assurance program that is compliant with state and federal mandates.


SOL’s Quality Control Staff and Construction Management:


  • Construction Materials Engineering and Testing
  • QC/QA Specialists and Managers
  • Contract Analysis
  • Bid Selection